How we Break

…only factory sealed packs, boxes & cases.

We do Random team, Random slot/player, Pick your player & Pick your team breaks. Random breaks will be decided by dice roll live &/or, right before break.

In Random slot/player breaks, you receive 1 (or more) slots that corresponds to the number of cards in that particular set checklist (ex: if you roll slot #183, you will receive any card(s) numbered #183). See your particular break for any specifics.

Your break generally will go 15-30 minutes & will be live streamed on the St4rgon Youtube channel and will be available on-demand after the box break for those that cannot attend the live break. Although attendance is obviously not mandatory, certain hosts may have live only contests. Chat will be available. All breaks, shipping and handling is gloved.

Please allow 2-5 business days for cards to process & mail. Cards valued over $399 can be shipped overnight if agreed by buyer. We generally ship USPS.

Cards with 2 different teams/players will be determined by dice roll &/or with the teams/slots involved. Cards with 3 or more teams/players, the result goes to the majority team/player on card; if there is no majority, there is a dice roll or random. A card with 0 teams/players, result will be dice rolled or random among all buyers.

Get in on a break below & follow us on twitter to get break reminders & notifications. Check in on this website for up to date info thx!! We generally do not email reminders unless requested!

have suggestions for a fun break, partnerships, or whatevs, let us know!

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we buy, barter, trade, break & sell (only) NHL, NBA, NFL, CHL, MiLB, NCAA & MLB trading cards, boxes & cases

inquire about trade as pay, discounts & how to get a free slot in a break

we never, ever use customer information for anything other than shipping & break info. we do not sell data. many of our breaks include a charitable donation of sales. we do not spam or send a lot of emails thx!